Technology Competence: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!


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  • Event Type: Webinar
The issue of “Technology Competence” has recently come to the fore in California when the State Bar Board of Trustees recently approved an amendment to Rule 1.1 (Duty to Perform Legal Services with Competence) to include a comment that clarifies that a lawyer’s professional competence includes “…understanding the benefits and risks of using relevant technology.” What does it mean to be a “competent” lawyer in today’s world of continual technological innovation? How much must a lawyer understand about the technology they use to practice? Do technologies used by attorneys present any risk for their clients or their interests? Has the pervasiveness of technology in today’s practice of law changed the expectations of clients? This timely presentation covers the adoption of the new “Technology Competence” comment to Rule 1.1, traces out the impact of that change on the California attorney’s duty of professional competence and other duties owed by attorneys to their clients as well as provides detailed coverage of every COPRAC opinion released in the last 15 years that has addressed the ethical use of technology by lawyers.

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